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Japan's Only Full-Time Heat Resistant Wire Manufacturer [Nihon Heat Resistant Wire Industry]

Secret to Robustness
  • Established one-of-a-kind technology to produce unique heat resistant electric wire.
  • Original equipment (patented) that cannot be matched by other companies.
  • Corporate culture that promotes a spirit of "learn rather than be taught" and does not create a fear of failure.

Insulated Wire that Can Withstand 1000ºC

Heat resistant wire is insulated electric wire that can withstand heat. The wire can endure ultrahigh temperatures up to 1000ºC using a ceramic material for insulation. Nihon Heat Resistant Wire Industry, the only full-time heat resistant wire manufacturer in Japan, developed a device for wet-type insulated wire coating production (felting covering device), established unique felting covering technology, and acquired a utility model patent.
 The company was founded in 1954. In 1976, it commercialized a composite heat resistant wire, and then in 1989, it created a ceramic fiber insulated wire product. The company has also delivered numerous other products to market including coaxial cable for high temperature applications (600ºC) and a one-touch type induction heating coil.
 Of these, the development of a ceramic fiber insulated wire product that can withstand temperatures up to 1000ºC was a real breakthrough. At the time, asbestos was the mainstream material used to insulate heat resistant wires, but the upper limit for heat resistance with that material was 500ºC, and asbestos also came to be viewed as an environmental problem. With that, Nihon Heat Resistant Wire Industry focused on ceramic fibers.

Producing Products that Cannot Be Imitated by Competitors Using Original Equipment

Engineers who were experts in electricity and chemistry collected insulation material samples at trade shows, and when a new material emerged, they repeated the entire prototyping process. This process was continued on a daily basis for three years, and as a result, in 1989 the company established proprietary "ceramic felting technology" to coat an agent that contained ceramic yarn on an electric wire base material in a felt-like state. As a result, a "ceramic fiber insulated wire" that can withstand ultrahigh temperatures up to 1000ºC was perfected.
 It is the insulator that is able to withstand temperatures up to 1000ºC, and this ability is a result of the characteristics of the material and coating method. The method is the felting method, and the compact size also provides the merit of enabling coating. "If other materials are used to produce insulated wires that can withstand a temperature of 1000ºC, it would be difficult to achieve a compact size." (President Ishizuka) Moreover, this method also enables tight coating, and thus higher performance than other high temperature insulators can be obtained.
 Heat resistant electric wires have been fostered as the company's main product, and because they are produced using original equipment, these wires cannot be imitated by other companies. As a result, these heat resistant electric wires are the only one of their kind in Japan. Moreover, because the wires are manufactured to order, the specifications can be changed according to each customer's applications and conditions, and the company is able to respond to requests while considering the insulation configuration. Until a product is actually adopted though, the company keeps a careful eye on prototyping and actual equipment tests.
 According to President Ishizuka, "The way that we usually do business is that we always provide samples to new customers even for our insulated wires that have proven sales results, and then we make proposals with actual equipment test results." Adopting the specifications designated by the customer is typical for the company, and this is a factor that has led to Nihon Heat Resistant Wire Industry gaining a high level of trust from its customers. Moreover, in order to implement this whole process in a short period of time, the company has set up a prototyping and testing area in-house.
 This technology has received high acclaims at trade shows both in Japan and abroad, and the company is continuing efforts to develop additional new products while incorporating the opinions of specialists and public research organizations. As part of this effort, the company developed a heat resistant insulated cable that is used in applications that would have not been considered in the past such as die heaters for producing automotive parts, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, cables for nuclear power related safety equipment, unique cables necessary for high energy accelerators, and temperature measurement cables for energy saving measures adopted in blast furnaces.

All Employees Developing the Self-Confidence of a Manager

The company's motto is "strive to learn rather than be taught." Essentially, the company promotes a spirit of self-education in which the employees are given opportunities to try different things, and even if an attempt ends in failure, the employee can then consider that failure on his or her own and learn from the mistake. "When someone is taken by the hand and taught step by step what to do, that person becomes dependent on the teacher and won't remember what he's been taught." (President Ishizuka) Therefore, Nihon Heat Resistant Wire Industry even let's new employees handle even prototyping. For necessary knowledge in areas such as electricity and chemistry, employees can learn from specialized books. Then, if there are points that are still unclear, they can talk to senior employees.
 This spirit is being adopted by the employees with the managers at the top of the list, and with all employees working as a united team, awareness from the standpoint of the developers, producers, and administrators is improving, and all employees are developing self-confidence in knowing that they are all, to some extent, a manager.

Felting covering device

Felting covering device


Selling Custom Products at the Same Price as Universal Products

President Ishizuka stated, "We're not thinking about merely growing the size of our company in the future. Instead, we want to focus on making our products and services even better at the size we are now. We'll make the equipment investments that are necessary, but we won't shift to mass producing products. Instead, we intend to remain focused on providing one-of-a-kind products, and we want to capitalize on our ability to manufacture a wide variety of products in small quantities."
 Nihon Heat Resistant Wire Industry's advanced technology is enabling it to output new products for a wide range of fields. However, expenses for prototyping and tests are always incorporated in the company's own budget as development costs and are not incorporated in the product unit cost. This characteristic of the company of creating products, that are tailored to the customer's needs and then selling even custom made products at the price of universal products will not change.

Company Data

President: Toshio Ishizuka

President: Toshio Ishizuka

Company name Nihon Heat Resistant Wire Industry Co., Ltd.
President Toshio Ishizuka
Industry Type Manufactures electric wire
Address 81-1, Imaikamicho, Nakahara-Ku, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
Phone 044-738-0215

Printing day:August 7, 2014

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