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Developing Microsatellites [Haradaseiki]

Secret to Robustness
  • Invested at an early stage in 5-axis processing technology that can cut curved surfaces.
  • Manufacturing components for satellites.
  • Developing microsatellite housings and compact telescope and imaging systems for space applications.

Manufacturing Components for Satellite Solar Panel Deployment Mechanisms

"If you look at the earth from the perspective of space, you can see each of the problems of the various countries, companies, and people. If a company is involved in work that aims to solve those types of problems, then the existential value of that company, even if it is a small or medium sized company, will increase, and the world will be a happier place."
 This vision outlined by President Hirotoshi Harada for Haradaseiki, which employs about 30 people, is grandiose. However, President Harada is not just all talk. Haradaseiki is one of the roughly 90 official member companies of The Society of Japanese Aerospace Companies alongside famous companies from Japan, and the company is involved in space related work such as processing parts for satellites in cooperation with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and other organizations.
 Large satellites are equipped with large solar panels that deploy like wings in outer space, and Haradaseiki is famous for its adoption of the "Miura Fold", an efficient method developed by University of Tokyo Professor Emeritus Koryo Miura, as the method for folding and deploying solar panels in space. In fact, metal components cut and machined by Haradaseiki are used as the core parts in the deployment mechanism of those panels. The company is also involved in the development of planetary rovers, microsatellites, compact telescopes for space, and other such devices.

Originated from Specialized Machinery for Component Processing

Haradaseiki’s parent company is Haradaseiki Kogyo which was founded by President Harada’s father, Takashi Harada. Haradaseiki Kogyo started business as a manufacturer of processing machinery exclusively for automotive parts and then began also undertaking the fabrication of prototype parts. The company even became involved in prototype fabrication in the initial development stage called "Zero Stage Prototype Fabrication".
 Capitalizing on its advanced cutting technology, the company then began participating in the aviation, space, and defense fields, and Haradaseiki. was founded in 2007 as a company that specializes in those fields. Currently, the combined annual sales of both companies total approximately 600 million yen, and of this, space related sales account for approximately 35%.
 One of the contributing factors to the company’s strength is its 5-axis cutting technology. In order to support the advanced prototype fabrication requirements of automakers, Haradaseiki invested at an early stage in 5-axis cutting technology that can cut curved surfaces. The company also led other companies in the industry with its introduction around 1990 of the "CATIA" 3D CAD/CAM system. Utilizing advanced machining technology cultivated in its automotive related business, Haradaseiki began accepting orders for space related business in the early 2000s.
 However, the introduction of expensive processing equipment and software does not guarantee steady orders from the space and aviation fields. President Hirotoshi commented on the difficulties the company faced and stated, "Cultures are different with different industries, so we had to start by first understanding what it was that the customer considered to be of greatest priority such as the quality or durability of the components."
 Until that time, the company had only had experience with automotive parts, so this was of course its first experience with space related business. Initially, even though the company used 5-axis processing machines and intended to machine components in accordance with drawings obtained from its clients, many times the components were rejected. President Harada quickly understood that the endeavor "was futile without understanding the customer’s requirements that aren’t stipulated in the drawings," so he frequently visited JAXA and satellite manufacturers that were their clients and increased communications with people in the space field. Through that process, "We finally understood what was required." (President Harada)

Developing Compact Telescopes and Imaging Systems for Space

September 14, 2013. The new "Epsilon" rocket was launched from JAXA’s Uchinoura Space Center in Kimotsuki, Kagoshima Prefecture. The Epsilon rocket is an efficient, low cost, small rocket with an overall length of approximately 24 meters, and competition for the development of this type of small rocket is occurring around the world.
 The use of this type of small rocket will enable low cost satellite launches in the future, and as a result, the demand for satellites will also increase. Haradaseiki developed a cube-shaped microsatellite housing that is 50 centimeters long on each side, and also developed a compact telescope and imaging system that can be housed therein. The company plans to expand sales by promoting the system as an inexpensive system that can take images of the earth both day and night. Cooperation from a company in Hamamatsu was obtained for the developments, and the company even worked on the optical system technology, an area in which it had no experience.
 President Harada stated enthusiastically, "Japan can boast to the rest of the world of its advanced technology development capabilities, but there is still a lot to be done to restore Japan as a technology-oriented nation."

Microsatellite housings and compact telescope and imaging systems for space applications.

Microsatellite housings and compact telescope and imaging systems for space applications.


"Utilize international standards."

Haradaseiki and its group company, Haradaseiki Kogyo, simultaneously acquired "ISO9001" and "ISO14001" certification in 2000. The two companies also acquired certification for the "EN9100" space quality system standard, as well as "BS7799-2" certification, the United Kingdom’s standard for information security management systems, in 2004. The company’s strength lies not only in acquiring certification for these types of international standards, but also in understanding the essence of the requirements of those standards and in incorporating those requirements in its business activities in order to maintain and improve product quality and reliability.

Company Data

President :Takashi Harada

President :Takashi Harada

Company name Haradaseiki Kogyo Co., Ltd.
President Takashi Harada
Industry Type Manufactures devices for transportation and aerospace devices
Address 4-7-9 Saiwai Naka-ku Hamamatsu City Shizuoka- Prefecture, Japan
Phone 053-436-734

Printing day:August 7, 2014

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