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Supporting Machine Tool Manufacturers with an Eye on the Global Market [LNS Yoshida]

Secret to Robustness
  • Switched from individual specifications to the adoption of base models.
  • Utilizing parent company LNS' global network of business locations.
  • Improving presence and technical capabilities with development of models that serve as the global standard.

LNS Yoshida is a manufacturer of chip conveyors and coolant devices for machine tools. Utilizing expertise from the Swiss firm LNS (Orvin, Switzerland), which became LNS Yoshida's parent company in 2012, the company has successfully increased its competitive strength by switching from a conventional method of customizing its products to a system in which base models are supplemented with options. The company has also laid out a framework that allows it to support Japanese machine tool manufacturers expanding business overseas by developing models that are becoming the global standard for the LNS Group and by using LNS' global network of business locations. Armed therewith, LNS Yoshida is endeavoring to expand its market share in chip conveyors and other products.

Narrowed Down to One-Fifth

The company narrowed down the functions of its base models and standardized parts. For example, by adopting universal parts for the speed reducer, the types of parts were reduced from over 100 to just 20. The company also significantly reduced the types of key parts such as motors.
When design requests were handled individually, the number of models of chip conveyor and such reached 6,000 with over 100 different types of sizes. However, by setting the width of the chain belt to increments of 5 centimeters, several dozen types were reduced to just 10.
The "Turbo MH Series" and the "Turbo HB Series" are the base models for chip conveyors, and the cost of these models was reduced by 25%. The company was also able to reduce the weight of the body by changing materials. President Toru Toda stated enthusiastically, "We're selling products that maintain their capabilities but are more highly cost competitive for use in updating equipment."
According to President Toda, standardizing parts not only enabled the company to reduce procurement costs, it also "simplified inventory control and is leading to shorter delivery times." Delivery times were shortened by 1 week, and as a result, the company is now able to deliver product in just two weeks. Another merit is the improved ease of maintenance of the speed reducer and other components that now utilize universal parts. In addition, standardizing parts also generated merits such as the ability to reduce the number of different types of tools and jigs that are used during production, and the ability to thereby increase productivity.
While the company switched its focus onto base models, its system for responding to the detailed needs of users has not changed. In some cases, if the material of the part to be processed with machine tools, or in other words, if the material of the chips to be transported by the chip conveyor is changed, design changes and such may be required. Therefore, LNS Yoshida works closely with its customers to verify usage data with a standard model and then examine the possible need for modifications.
With conventional production in which everything was uniform for a single product, it was difficult for LNS Yoshida to leverage its expertise on design changes in order to support new materials and such. However, with base models now at the center, the company has found that it's easier to manage data, and it can respond faster to new materials and problems.

Endeavoring to Produce Standard Models at 9 Locations Worldwide

In order to facilitate the development of standard models for the global market, the Development Department, which was newly established in the fall of 2013, is creating a database that includes information such as conveyor types, maximum conveyance amounts based on differences such as structure and size, and tensile strength. Based on that database, the company will establish specifications for universal models that are highly competitive in terms of cost and more advanced specifications for high performance models.
LNS Yoshida is endeavoring to produce the standard models that it has developed at LNS' nine production sites in Europe, the United States, and Asia beginning in mid-2014. This will enable Japanese machine tool manufacturers to test products in Japan and then procure equipment locally in the mass production stage. This global support system is gradually gaining recognition, and production for local procurement has already been started in the United States.
Innovations that aggressively incorporate LNS' know-how are advancing in design and on the production floor as well. LNS Yoshida switched its design system to the same 3D system used by LNS, and by doing so, was able to improve the efficiency of its design operations to a higher level than before. The switch has also increased material yield and improved the quality of its steel material and parts, and operability of the head section of the main unit was increased with welding operations on the production floor. The design of the weld portions was improved from a diagonal direction of the head to a vertical direction, and a switch was made from hoisting the unit by crane during welding to placing it transversely on a flat stand. As a result, deviation of the welds does not easily occur, and quality is improved.
Japanese machine tool manufacturers are increasing shipments overseas primarily to emerging countries such as Brazil, Mexico, India, and Indonesia where automotive related equipment investments are increasing. Capitalizing on its strength of being able to not only provide local maintenance but to also respond quickly to local procurement needs by factories overseas, LNS Yoshida is launching an offensive move on machine tool manufacturers and intends to increase its market share from the current 30% to over 50% by the fiscal period ending in December 2015.

Base models for chip conveyors「Turbo MH Series」

Base models for chip conveyors「Turbo MH Series」」

One Point: Key Point is Foreign Market

Global collaboration is key.

LNS Yoshida is effectively utilizing the managerial resources and expertise of its parent company LNS to increase its competitive strength. The key to achieving growth in markets around the world is to determine how to build collaborative relationships with each company in the LNS Group and to then further increase the relationship of trust with customers. LNS Yoshida is preparing a foundation by standardizing its designs and models, etc., but the real test will be in the actual implementation of production and maintenance.

Company Data

President : Toru Toda

President : Toru Toda

Company name LNS Yoshida KK
President Toru Toda
Industry Type Manufacture and distribution of chip conveyors and coolant devices for machine tools
Address 38-1 Ushi, Dourin-Machi Nomi-Shi, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan
Phone 0761-55-2058

Printing day:April 4, 2014

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